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Gigabug was born out of a need for reliable and cost effective solutions where normal ADSL and Fibre were not available yet.

We have been helping customers get connected since 2012.

Our main goal is to give solutions which are future-proof, given that technology is so fast growing. When we install a product for you – you know that it will be relevant for at least 5 years. We have customers that have had wireless systems in for CCTV since the beginning of 2007.

To be able to get 13 years out of any technology is a monumental feat. While we do upgrades on the system we don’t need to replace all to add on.

Our team has a strong technical background with training done on an ongoing basis. We strive to give the best service at all times with turnaround times from few minutes to a day depending on the problem.

Become a part of the sustainable technology family of Gigabug


Creating a compnay that looks after its clients is our priority while still mainatingin the personal touch whether its sales, support or just advice thats needed


We strive to give custom solutions when they are needed even when other companies cant. We supply you with a total solution from alarms / CCTV to Wireless Internet


Being in business for a long time one knows what works and waht doesnt. Our customers are happier with us than any otehr Wireless Service Provider

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Tel: 044 – 004 0030

Email: info@gigabug.co.za

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12 Ivory St, Tamsui Industria, George, 6530